PokerUp is a new digital startup planning to offer AI-Like Poker Mechanics Training, Poker Scenario Social networking, and AI vs. AI Poker Tournaments.

Best features

Easy To Use

The PokerUp app allow anyone to easily develop their own automated poker "persona", even if they're just learning.


The PokerUp app will be natively available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


eSports are here and the next big landscape for it is AI vs. AI. PokerUp is carving out poker as the first step into this brave new world.

How it works


Develop Your Poker Persona

Change the default heuristics of our standard poker persona to suit your style of poker play.


Test Your Persona

Run automated tournaments against our built-in personas, review your results, and make adjustments.


Pit Your Persona Against Others

Enter your persona into our exclusively hosted poker tournaments against other poker Personas.


Teach, Learn, Have Fun

Have fun learning poker mechanics, teach others through social networking within our app, and have fun.

Current Phase of Development

PokerUp has worked through several iterations and is now in the midst of customer surveys. Our target market is identified and we're interviewing people within that market with a set of questions designed to determine interest.

About us

David Cornelson

Founder. David has worked in technology for over 30 years, having consulted in Fortune 100 companies across many industries. This is his third attempt at a digital startup. The first was Textfyre, an education-technology concept to replace 4th-8th grade textbooks with a platform based on interactive fiction. The second was Wizely, an attempt to add context to web search.

David May

David May is a successful entrepreneur in Chicago and an adviser to Textfyre, Wizely, and now PokerUp.

Chris Cavanaugh

Chris is an app developer helping PokerUp design and build our first offering.